Water as a CFO Issue

Water as a CFO Issue 1024 683 Will Sarni

“Water as a CFO Issue” is my latest collaboration with Alexis Morgan from WWF, my co-author and friend, on why water strategy is a strategic risk but also, and often ignored, business opportunity. A water strategy should support business continuity, growth, and brand value, and contribute to positive economic, environmental, and social impact. We believe that it is long overdue to revisit prioritizing water as a financially material business issue (be it risks, fiduciary liabilities or opportunities: assets and sales growth) and the role of the CFO.

Our rationale is as follows: the financial performance of the company is the responsibility of the CFO and given how deeply financial performance is being influenced by factors such as climate-related water risks (from water scarcity to extreme weather events), there is a fiduciary responsibility for water to fall within the CFO’s purview.

Read the full article on Water Online here: Water as a CFO Issue

Thanks to Brendan Tierney and the team at Raymond James for the opportunity to publish original publication and Kevin Westerling at Water Online for republishing.